Intrinsic Mug Auntie



250ml  Auntie Intrinsic Mug is adorned with an Adele Basheer inspirational quote, covered in a beautiful Boho pattern and embellished with real gold, this porcelain mug will put a smile on your face whilst drinking you favourite cuppa.  The mug comes in a matching gift box, which you can cleverly adapt as a pen holder.  Designed in South Australia.

Featured quote: Bold and Beautiful.  You are on of a kind.  Amazing.

CARE: Please HAND WASH ONLY in warm water your Intrinsic mug.  This porcelain mug is decorated in real gold, which is relatively delicate and will damage or lighten when it comes to hard scrubbing and dishwashers.  DONOT USE IN MICROWAVE as it is decorated in gold it will cause sparking in the microwave.

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