Nesti Dante Breeze

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Once you indulge in a Nesti Dante Soap you will never use anything else.
Florence, Italy is renowned for its extraordinary history and breathtaking beauty. This magnificent place is also home to one of Europe’s oldest soap makers, Nesti Dante of Florence, which was established in 1947 by the founder of the same name. Nesti Dante is one of only a few companies left in the world still producing soaps by the artisan cauldron method or ‘Saponeria’. This labour-intensive process takes place over five days and is renowned for producing an incredibly rich, highly fragrant and long-lasting soap.
Each Nesti Dante pure vegetable soap is then individually hand-wrapped in exquisite Florentine paper adorned with intricate watercolour prints inspired by traditional designs of the Renaissance.

Nesti Dante Breeze

Nesti Dante Breeze
Nesti Dante Breeze

250g.  Citrus Peel, Red Basil and Lime.
A fragrance of citrus zests, red basil and lime give rise to precious active ingredients of chlorophyll and bamboo.

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