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iKOU [ik-oo] Japanese Verb: to rest, to relax, to restore.
iKOU Diffuser Reeds are blended according to the principles of Aromacology, the study of scent and the powerful effect it has on our emotions.
iKOU Diffuser Reeds are the effortless way to create a continually scented atmosphere and mood throughout your environment. Diffuser Reed sets include thick walled cube glass, 5 thick reeds and beautifully packaged in a hexagonal gift box. iKOU Diffuser Reeds are premium grade oil, alcohol-free and made in Australia.
iKOU's inspiration is Global Spa Culture. For thousands of years, ancient spa rituals from around the world have held one integral element...they are derived from nature. iKOU continues this tradition today, bringing you spa culture, drawing inspiration from every corner of the globe, always using 100% pure ingredients gathered directly for the earth.

iKOU Peace Diffuser

iKOU Peace Diffuser
iKOU Peace Diffuser

Soothe and nurture the heart with Turkish Rose.
iKOU Peace blend includes the essential oil benefits of pure Pose, Rose Geranium and Ylang Ylang oils.
Highly concentrated, it takes over 30 roses to produce a single drop of rose oil.  Rose is directly associated with the heart and core of our emotions.
This blend is designed to nurture, comfort and soothe the soul.

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