Kangaroo - Pot Holder

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Eastern Grey Kangaroo (Macropus Giganteus)
Also known as the Great Grey Kangaroo and the Forester Kangaroo, this marsupial is found in southern and eastern Australia with a population of several million. Weighing about 60kg and growing to a height of around 1 metre they spend most of the day resting under a shady tree and feed mainly in the early morning or at dusk. As with all marsupials the young (joeys) are carried in the pouch by the female for approx 300 days.

Kangaroo - Pot Holder

Kangaroo - Pot Holder
Kangaroo - Pot Holder

Pot Holder with embroidered Kangaroo design. 100% Cotton, designed in Australia. Also includes an information card about the Australian Flora or Fauna featured.

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